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 The University of Oregon Ducks are part of the Pacific-10 Conference in the Division 1-A of the NCAA. Among the top teams the Ducks have are the Ducks football and Ducks basketball teams and the track and field program.  The Oregon Ducks school colors are green and yellow. The University of Oregon is located at 1226 University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403-1226.


The University of Oregon's nickname started as the "Webfoots" back in 1876 when the school  first opened. The name originated from  a group of fisherman from the coast of Massachusetts whose descendents settled in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Later, sports writers nicknamed the school the "Ducks". Sometime in the 1930's a mascot named Puddles appeared and started to resemble Donald Duck. In 1947, the athletic director, Leo Harris, who was friends with Walt Disney, made a deal with Disney (by informal handshake) that allowed the University of Oregon permission to use Donald as its sports mascot. In 1973, a written agreement was made based on a picture of Leo Harris and Walt Disney shaking hands wearing matching jackets with Donald Duck on them. Buy Oregon Ducks tickets to your favorite sporting event today!


The Oregon Ducks have many notable facilities including Hayward Field, Autzen Stadium, McArthur Court, and Len Casanova Center.


Hayward Field was built in 1919 for the football team. In 1920, a six lane track was put in and Hayward Field was used for both track and football until Autzen Stadium was constructed in 1967. Nicknamed Track Town USA, Hayward Field hosted the 2008 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team Trials and will host the 2010 NCAA Outdoor Championships. Hayward Field can seat up to 10,500 fans. In 2008, Hayward Field received a new track surface, permanent lights, a video board and a new infield. Hayward Field is named after Bill Hayward, who coached Oregon's men's team from 1904-1947. Check out the Hayward Field schedule and buy tickets to Ducks Track and Field events now!


Autzen Stadium was built in 1967, for $2.5 million, for the Oregon Ducks football team. In 2002, Autzen Stadium had a $90 million facelift that added 12,000 seats and 32 luxury boxes and can now hold 54,000 Oregon Ducks fans. In 1998, Autzen Stadium received a $4 million MegaVision four-color video display scoreboard. The new scoreboard is 88 feet by 56 feet.  Autzen Stadium was named after philanthropist Thomas J. Autzen. Len Casanova Center ,part of Autzen Stadium, is a state of the art weight room and holds offices to all coaches and staff of the athletic department, and an expanded locker room for the Ducks football team that opened in the summer of 1991. A big portion of funding for Len Casanova Center was made by the sky boxes built in Autzen Stadium in 1988. Len Casanova Center is named after the Oregon's longtime football coach and athletic director Len Casanova.


McArthur Court is where the men's and women's Ducks basketball teams play, as well as the wrestling and volleyball teams. Also known as "The Pit"  or Mac Court, McArther Court is named after Clifton N. (Pat) McArthur, a student athlete and the university's first student body president. McArther Court was voted as the visiting team's least favorite place to play. McArther Court was built in 1926 and can seat 9,087 fans.


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